Tips for winning Xbots

XBots is really all about discipline. If you’ve got it, you stand a good chance of winning.

  • Check your code into CVS early and often. Many teams fail to release any code at all during an iteration. Once ScoreKeeper starts checking the robots out of CVS, that’s it - it won’t wait for you!
  • Try to work in small steps towards implementing each strategy rather than trying to do the whole thing in one go. This limits the risk of you not finishing in time for the iteration end.
  • Try your robot out before it gets in the arena! Many robots either don’t compile or just throw null pointer exceptions as soon as they start!
  • Don’t waste lots of time coming up with the ultimate robot fighting strategy. Just try something sensible and see how your robot does. The other teams will be responding to whatever you do, so even an optimal strategy won’t last long.