Xbots - Robocode for Extreme Programmers

In 2002 Paul Simmons and I put together the “Robocode workshop” (we changed the name later to Xbots) for XPDay 2.

It gives programmers a chance to try out their teamworking and continuous integration skills in a competition. The competition makes it a good environment for learning how to stay on process under pressure.

More links:

  • XBots is based on Robocode from IBM Alphaworks.
  • ScoreKeeper is written in Java.
  • The build and game execution process is controlled by Apache Ant.
  • Our favourite IDE for programming robots is Eclipse.
  • On Windows you’ll also need CvsNT to run the CVS repository. And on Unix-like operating systems you can use the original CVS.
  • Chris King took some great photos of the XBots workshop (then called “Robocode workshop”) at XPDay2. He’s posted them on his website.