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Spoke menus: rotational menus for completion-like tasks


I’ve had an idea for a kind of menu I’ve never seen before.

Slots-based object models aren't object-oriented


Most dynamic object-oriented programming languages in use today are slots-based. These include Python, PHP and Javascript.

Programming by patching


I’ve just seen a very postmodern approach to programming in the Mozilla Roadmap blog.

PoMoPro solutions


I’m at PoMoPro today. We’ve been asked to blog our solutions. So here they are.

Perception isn't everything


This post carries on from “Agilists: Metrics aren’t always harmful”.

It seems popular in the agile world to privilege personal experiences, feelings and narrative over most other forms of knowledge-sharing. These things form the only widely accepted medium for expressing knowledge. In some ways that’s good. It’s about time we started actually listening to what people have to say instead of rushing to implement Taylorist production lines, finding it isn’t working and then just doing it harder.

Agilists: Metrics aren't always harmful... only sometimes

Burndown chart

My experience has been that many people in the agile world have an aversion to metrics.

One of our goals when Jason Gorman and I started running our metrics workshop “Do you get what you measure?” was to explore what metrics actually measure when people know the metrics are there. It’s easy for participants to see almost all the metrics that are initially proposed result in very undesirable behaviour. People play the system, often yielding the opposite of the intended effect of the metric.

State in Kew


The State feature in Kew provides access to state-related functions.

Agile Narratives website ready

Agile Narratives speech logo

The new Agile Narratives website is now ready for use. We’re still a little way behind entering the index data on the stories we’ve collected but many have now been done and we’re ploughing through the remainder.

Invoking a method reflectively in Kew

#aSelector do {
    aSelector: Output write "I did it";

Goonhilly satellite earth station

Satellite dish

I’ve recently been working at Goonhilly Downs, the largest satellite earth station in the world. The site, owned by British Telecom, is near the southernmost tip of the UK, at the Lizard Peninsula, and has line of sight to satellites over the Atlantic and, just barely, the Indian ocean. John Bilkey was good enough to give me the VIP tour of the site, and it was quite amazing.

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