April Fool - agile certification


Agile certification is currently a hot topic. Among the assorted April Fool’s pranks was this agile certification site. I captured some screen shots in case the site goes away.

The JavaToaster


When Java was unveiled to the world in 1995 it was as a secure web browser language. Java has gone through a long evolutionary process since then that has taken it from applets to the very heart of the corporation. Java’s early history as a programming language for embedded applications is often forgotten.

The Emacs conspiracy


Back in the days before blogs, it seemed like every web page sported its own conspiracy theory. This one is mine, complete with inappropriate and wildly excessive use of bold text and references to the CIA….

If you don’t know what Emacs is, the rest of this page is going to make very little sense to you. Save yourself a headache, and don’t read it. Go back now. Before it’s too late.

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