Effective working

"Build phobia"

I’ve noticed people avoid dealing with build issues, to the point where it seems to be a phobia. Tweaking Ant scripts isn’t much fun (not least because Ant is so poorly designed), but at some point it’s necessary to bite the bullet and sort out your build issues. Your build is part of your software, and if it’s slowing you down in a big way you need to do something about it.

Why you should plan iteratively

When you estimate how long something will take, about half the time it should be done early or on time. Almost anyone reading this will know things are rarely done sooner than expected, especially if they’re difficult. People have been shown experimentally to be poor estimators, with a marked bias towards underestimation of time required to complete tasks.

Don't interrupt... hover

When you need someone else’s help, rather than interrupting them when they’re working, try hovering nearby waiting for them to talk to you when they’re done with the task they’re working on. It’s tempting to interrupt when what you’re working on is urgent and is blocked waiting for their help, but remember that they may already be working on something urgent - you just don’t know.

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