Continuous integration

XPDay 2006 Continuous integration workshop outputs

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Lindsay McEwan photographed the posters produced by the attendees at our continuous integration problem-solving workshop at XPDay London 2006. And today I finally remembered to upload them to the XPDay website. Sorry for the delay.

"Build phobia"

I’ve noticed people avoid dealing with build issues, to the point where it seems to be a phobia. Tweaking Ant scripts isn’t much fun (not least because Ant is so poorly designed), but at some point it’s necessary to bite the bullet and sort out your build issues. Your build is part of your software, and if it’s slowing you down in a big way you need to do something about it.

Testing object-relational mappings

When using Hibernate, it’s useful to include an integration test that builds an object model, saves it and retrieves it from the database. What frequently causes problems when using Hibernate (or object-relational mappings in general) is that 3 different things must be kept in sync:

  1. an object model;
  2. a database schema;

Begin at the beginning

For years I’ve been talking about “working from beginning to end”. It’s a common pattern in systems I see that developers begin to code functionality from somewhere other than the entry point to a system (e.g. the GUI). This approach increases integration difficulties. If the programmers keep saying things are done when they don’t actually work, this may be what’s going wrong.

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