Agile Narratives website ready

Agile Narratives speech logo

The new Agile Narratives website is now ready for use. We’re still a little way behind entering the index data on the stories we’ve collected but many have now been done and we’re ploughing through the remainder.

The website still has a few rough edges, particularly in its HTML/CSS formatting and some hopefully not too off-putting user experience bugs. Matt Jones, a final year student working with Johanna Hunt, is dedicating his final year project to working on modules for the Drupal content management system we use to enhance user experience and functionality. In the way of getting started, we worked together today to make a minor fix to correct an annoying form layout. Meanwhile, I’ll be continuing to focus on the site style and helping a little with preparations for our poster at XPDay 2006.

I’ve created a beta test site as well to allow us to experiment without wrecking the main website.