Doogie Howser invented blogging


Some of my best thoughts come to me in the bath in the mornings, though I’m not claiming this is one of them. This morning I was thinking about blogging, and the uses people put it to. Somehow my mind wandered back to a TV show from the 1980s: “Doogie Howser, MD”.

Doogie used to have a simplistically moral experience in every show. At the end of the show he sat down at his computer to enter his revelation (though really to encapsulate the moral of the story in case you missed it) in his diary. We never learned if Doogie shared his insights with the world in the programme, but they were certainly broadcast to millions over at least 2 continents and thus it could be argued that Doogie Howser invented blogging. Scary thought that many of today’s bloggers may be deeply influenced by Doogie Howser….