Books and websites on Agile adoption


There’s been an information vacuum surrounding agile adoption for a long time now. Thankfully, books and other resources are starting to emerge. I’ve just been asked to provide some links on agile adoption and it seems like they might be of some use to the world at large so I’m posting them.

Amr Elssamadisy has been working on adoption patterns for some time now. He’s written a small book drawn from his many adoption patterns workshops which can be downloaded as a PDF for free or purchased on paper at low cost. You can find out more at I’m loosely involved with this project and I think Amr and his collaborators are doing some interesting things. He’s setting up a website at but it’s not that easy to navigate at the time of writing. Try starting here instead of the homepage.

If you like the lean thinking influence of Mary and Tom Poppendieck, take a look at Implementing Lean Software Development.

There’s also Refactoring to Agility by Carol Wellington but I don’t really know anything about this one.

Fearless change is generally well-respected though not particularly agile-focussed. If you get a chance to see authors Mary Lynn Manns and Linda Rising speak it’s worth going along.