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Hi, welcome to my website.

I'm Duncan Pierce. I help companies improve their software development capability through my company Amarinda Consulting.

My interests include Extreme Programming and Agile Software Development, strategic organizational software reuse, better tools and programming languages and emergent phenomena in software systems. You can take a look at the projects I'm involved in and read more about me.

I hope you enjoy the site and get something useful from it! Let me know what you think.

Below are the latest posts.

But that's crazy! Cognitive bias in decision-making


What are cognitive biases?

Experiments in cognitive science and social psychology have revealed a wide variety of biases in areas such as statistical reasoning, social attribution and memory. It’s argued these biases are common to all human beings, and some have been demonstrated to hold across very different cultures.

Cognitive biases were first identified by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman. They claim biases are artifacts of problem-solving heuristics humans use. Recent work on cognition in other animal species reveals that some cognitive biases are not unique to humans, suggesting an evolutionary origin.

Whatever the mechanisms behind cognitive bias, we have good data to suggest that under some circumstances we all have a tendency to react in a way that seems surprising when viewed from a more detached perspective.

The XPDay phenomenon

XPDay logo

It occurred to me for the first time at XPDay London this year quite what a phenomenon we started when we organized that first XPDay in 2001. We (myself, Nat Pryce, Tim Mackinnon, Steve Freeman, Rachel Davies) talked about and hoped that groups in other countries would follow our lead, but I don’t think we seriously expected so many to follow.

Slots-based object models aren't object-oriented


Most dynamic object-oriented programming languages in use today are slots-based. These include Python, PHP and Javascript.

PoMoPro solutions


I’m at PoMoPro today. We’ve been asked to blog our solutions. So here they are.

Spoke menus: rotational menus for completion-like tasks


I’ve had an idea for a kind of menu I’ve never seen before.

Programming by patching


I’ve just seen a very postmodern approach to programming in the Mozilla Roadmap blog.

Perception isn't everything


This post carries on from “Agilists: Metrics aren’t always harmful”.

It seems popular in the agile world to privilege personal experiences, feelings and narrative over most other forms of knowledge-sharing. These things form the only widely accepted medium for expressing knowledge. In some ways that’s good. It’s about time we started actually listening to what people have to say instead of rushing to implement Taylorist production lines, finding it isn’t working and then just doing it harder.

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