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Hi, welcome to my website.

I'm Duncan Pierce. I help companies improve their software development capability through my company Amarinda Consulting.

My interests include Extreme Programming and Agile Software Development, strategic organizational software reuse, better tools and programming languages and emergent phenomena in software systems. You can take a look at the projects I'm involved in and read more about me.

I hope you enjoy the site and get something useful from it! Let me know what you think.

Below are the latest posts.



Sun have finally started selling the Sun SPOT to US customers. I worked on this project until mid-2006 and I must admit I’m proud others will have a chance to use these devices. I’d like to highlight some of the great features of these devices, and some of the best things about being on this project.

Call for sessions: XPDay 2007

XPDay logo
  • Do you want answers?
  • Do you have a half-baked idea that things could be better?
  • Have you been living in “interesting times”?
  • Do you know something we don’t?

The XPDay 2007 call for sessions is open and we encourage you to share your ideas, knowledge and questions. Even if it’s incomplete; even if it’s bad news; even if it’s just a question, the programme committee can help you shape it into a session that will teach you as much as your audience.

If your session is accepted your place at XPDay 2007 is free.

Your iterations are too short!


The trend towards shorter iterations, while being a good demonstrator of increasing development capability, also tends to rob planners of an opportunity to step back from project minutiae.

April Fool - agile certification


Agile certification is currently a hot topic. Among the assorted April Fool’s pranks was this agile certification site. I captured some screen shots in case the site goes away.

Cognitive bias at SPA 2007

SPA 2007 logo

I ran the first cognitive bias workshop at SPA 2007 yesterday. It went reasonably well but as I expected it was difficult for participants to review and use the list of cognitive biases I provided.

XPDay 2006 Continuous integration workshop outputs

XPDay logo

Lindsay McEwan photographed the posters produced by the attendees at our continuous integration problem-solving workshop at XPDay London 2006. And today I finally remembered to upload them to the XPDay website. Sorry for the delay.

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