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Hi, welcome to my website.

I'm Duncan Pierce. I help companies improve their software development capability through my company Amarinda Consulting.

My interests include Extreme Programming and Agile Software Development, strategic organizational software reuse, better tools and programming languages and emergent phenomena in software systems. You can take a look at the projects I'm involved in and read more about me.

I hope you enjoy the site and get something useful from it! Let me know what you think.

Below are the latest posts.

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Agile Business Conference 2007 summary

This is the second time I’ve attended the Agile Business Conference (ABC). The first time was ABC’s inaugural year of 2005. I had some misgivings about the direction ABC was taking in 2005, but based on attending this year I think some things are improving.

Last chance for XPDay fame

XPDay logo

If you’re thinking of submitting a session for XPDay, do it now! The final day for submissions is Tuesday 31st July.

Should you submit a session? We encourage you to share your ideas, knowledge and questions. Even if it’s incomplete; even if it’s bad news; even if it’s just a question, the programme committee can help you shape it into a session that will teach you as much as your audience. And if your session is accepted your place at XPDay 2007 is free.

Books and websites on Agile adoption


There’s been an information vacuum surrounding agile adoption for a long time now. Thankfully, books and other resources are starting to emerge. I’ve just been asked to provide some links on agile adoption and it seems like they might be of some use to the world at large so I’m posting them.

Strongest XPDay programme ever?

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The XPDay programme committtee met last week and in a very well organized (by Angela Martin) meeting we agreed what I think is the strongest programme we’ve yet seen at the conference — more sessions, more tracks, more diverse topics. Keep an eye on the website for the full programme announcement.

Poster outputs from Cognitive Bias workshop


Andy Moorley has photographed the posters produced by participants at the SPA 2007 cognitive bias workshop. I’ve rotated and cropped them and uploaded them.

How can an application or language be agile?

Speech bubble with question marks

I’ve just read Chris Clarke’s post “How can an application or language be agile?”

I predicted a few years ago “agile” would follow “object-oriented” into the buzzword lexicon, right around when Microsoft started using the word. What happened with OO is that for a while everything was object-oriented. In some ways it was a step forward – lots of people got to hear about it and started trying to do it – but the meaning got so watered down that in the end there are a lot of lessons that most people haven’t really internalized. Hence we get some second-wave attempts to reconnect to the root concepts like Eric Evans’ book “Domain-Driven Design”.

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