Duncan Pierce's CV

I am a founder and Principal Consultant for Amarinda, where I specialize in helping teams and companies grow their IT capability. Some examples of my work:

  • Reducing defect rates by working across the whole organization to implement more effective processes from requirements to delivered code
  • Verifying offshore project progress and quality of deliverables
  • Helping senior management migrate their company to clearer and more effective software development processes
  • Structuring complex projects to minimize risk
  • Mentoring already Agile development teams to optimize their process
  • Helping development teams select more effective tools and work more efficiently
  • Writing and delivering customized training courses
  • Interactive training, offering learning through experience rather than by rote
  • Teaching technical development skills like Test-Driven Development, Mock Object testing and Refactoring
  • Helping companies achieve ISO and CMM-compatible processes the Agile way

I have worked with many clients throughout the UK and further afield in Holland, Denmark and India, including Internet bank Egg, broadband/voice provider Easynet, global bank HSBC, telecoms company BT, creators of Java Sun Microsystems, mobile telecoms software specialists Actix, media distributor Dawson, Danish government research organization DELTA, proteomics specialists Nonlinear Dynamics and some London-based investment banks. I also worked on one of the earliest and best-known XP projects in Europe at Connextra. I keep an up-to-date client list on my company website.

I have done Agile training, consultancy, seminars and coaching for many organizations in the last few years: some well-known and some less so, as well as conference organization, writing articles, speaking at conferences and developing new XP workshop sessions, like the very popular Xbots workshop, which we’ve run several times since its inaugural appearance at XP Day 2.

I am well known in the Agile community in Europe, having been employed at Connextra then working as an independent consultant. I am a Certified Scrum Master, one of the first members of the London Extreme Tuesday Club (XTC), and a founder of the XPDay conferences as well as the Conference Chair of XpDay 3. I am a founder member of the Highgate Guild and Programme Director for the Agile Alliance’s Agile Narratives programme and a charter member of the APLN. I have given talks on XP, and wrote an introductory article for the British Computer Society’s Computer Bulletin. I co-authored “Innovation and Sustainability with Gold Cards” for XP Agile Universe conference, now published as a chapter of “Extreme Programming Perspectives” by Addison-Wesley. I’ve also spoken at conferences including SPA, XpDay, XpDay Benelux, XpDays Germany, ACCU, XP, Agile and the UK Software Metrics Association Conference.

I have worked as a Technical Architect, Trainer, Senior Consultant, XP Coach and Senior Developer, and have experience of a variety of industries including logistics, investment, retail and internet banking and dot coms. I have worked extensively with IBM Learning Services, for whom I have done training and course development on J2EE and XML technologies and XP.

I have a Ph.D. in Foundations of Software Reuse, M.Sc. Computation, B.Sc. Computer Science.

You can also find out about my personal interests, what I’m reading on the web and events I’m interested /involved in.