Bio: Duncan Pierce

Duncan Pierce has been providing agile training, mentoring and leadership for development and management teams in the UK and further afield since 2001. He has worked with many well-known companies including BBC, Egg, British Telecom, Sky, HSBC, Eircom, Sun Life and Sun Microsystems.

He specializes in helping managers understand agile processes, the agile mindset and efficiency issues and helps teams master common effective working practices such as evolutionary design, refactoring, continuous integration, traceability and automated testing.

Duncan is one of the founders of the XPDay conferences and regularly speaks at conferences and seminars in the UK, Ireland and, occasionally, Europe. He is a long-standing member of the Extreme Tuesday Club (XTC) and founder of the Agile Alliance Agile Narratives programme. He has worked in the retail, internet and investment banking, energy trading, logistics, insurance, biotech, consumer electronics, industrial R&D, local government, wired and mobile telecoms sectors.

He can be reached at and his homepage is at His company is Amarinda Consulting.